411 for the CSR 

csr411.com is for and about Customer Service Representatives.  It's my vision to create a space for CSRs that  informs,  motivates, inspires and encourages.  A space where we can share our experience and exchange ideas.


I have been an inbound call center CSR for over twenty years!  Though the title on my business card reads: Director, Customer Relations, I am first and foremost a CSR.  I know first hand how rewarding it is  when you've resolved a complicated issue for a customer or client.  But I also know how demanding the job can be and the stress that can come with it.


Bill Marriot, former CEO and heir to Marriot International, credits the company’s service success to Marriot employees: “[We make] sure our associates are well cared for so they in turn take care of our customers. ”Wouldn't it be great if every CEO felt that way?  Each and every day we stand on the front lines being the voice or the face of the company.   At times we are underappreciated and taken for granted, by our customers and sometimes, unfortunately, by our managers and supervisors.  But we get up to do it all over again, because we love - okay like - what we do and we're good at helping people to resolve complicated issues guiding them  with the utmost courtesy and professionalism that comes naturally to us!  And if one person during the week says, "Thank you, I appreciate your help, that trumps everything and reminds us why we do what we do!







Cheryl Renee